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Taxes, home buying, student loans, banks vs. credit unions… you went to Paris instead of paying your rent? really? This is where you will find articles on all things money to help you master yours!

How to Pay Your Kids for Chores


Okay, in the previous post we discussed chores your children do get paid for and chores they don’t…now how do you pay them and help them manage their money? Make sure the amount you pay is reasonable for the job done. Just because lil’ David NEEDS $50 for a video game he wants doesn’t mean […]

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Kids & Money – Make Them Work For IT!!!


MAKE THEM WORK FOR IT! Who???? Your Kids!!! Stop GIVING them money….and please, please give them CHORES!!! Yes, chores those ancient tasks we had to do to justify taking up space in our mom’s house! I am blown away at the number of our youth that do not have to do anything except stick their […]

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Get Your Free Credit Report!

Get your free credit report

There are many websites where you can get a free credit report.  Let’s talk about a few of them, starting with the big three credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. You used to have to go to each one and request it separately. Now you can get all three of them through one site: […]

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2017 Rock Your #MoneyChat Challenge


Heyyy #MoneyChatters! The #MoneyChat Challenge was so much fun and so many people were able to see REAL results in their finances that we’re doing it again! Your #MoneyChat is what you SAY and DO with your money. The two go hand in hand. When there is plenty… we talk and act differently than when there […]

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10 Ways to Earn Extra Money NOW!


You’ve checked the budget and it’s looking a little light. Maybe you have some financial goals you want to reach faster and need to increase the cash flow! There are so many easy ways to make extra money, and the best part about them is that they can all be done in your free time. Check […]

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Digit: An Easy Way to Save Money!


Have you ever gotten a large paycheck and thought about saving part of it? Most people don’t. The lure of having a lot of money just sitting in your checking account is just too much. It wants to move out of there. Savings accounts help limit that. By putting money into savings, it’s more difficult […]

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