10 Ways to Earn Extra Money NOW!

You’ve checked the budget and it’s looking a little light. Maybe you have some financial goals you want to reach faster and need to increase the cash flow! There are so many easy ways to make extra money, and the best part about them is that they can all be done in your free time. Check out the roundup below of easy ways to earn extra money along with what I did when times were tight!

Although online surveys can be time-consuming, they are one of the most mindless ways to earn money online. You can definitely multitask and fill them out while watching TV, working out at the gym, and more. My three favorite survey websites are below. Some people prefer not to participate in surveys because they can be viewed as a scam, here are three by Nielsen that we know are legit!

Opinion Outpost300x250_cashbanner2013
Opinion Outpost conducts polls for governments, public bodies, and local businesses. All you have to do is sign up and participate in surveys for products and services – then you’ll get your money!

Sign up for Opinion Outpost here.



Harris Pollharris-banners_600x468
Harris Poll is not only an opinion survey,  they also contact people for local focus groups in their area, which is an easy way to spend a couple of hours earning good money! I’ve done focus groups before, actually pretty fun.

Sign up for Harris Poll here.


Digital Voicenielsen_300x250
Searching the Internet is something we all constantly do, probably way too much….but Digital Voice, PAYS you to look things up! All you have to do is sign up, fill out a questionnaire, and download their app and then you’ll get paid to do the things you normally do on the Internet, such as watch TV shows, read blogs, and more.

Sign up for Digital Voice here.


If you have a strong passion for customer service, there are so many legitimate call centers that allow you to do customer service right from your own house! One of the best call centers to work with is LiveOps, but there are tons of others to choose from. You can also check to see if specific companies are hiring remote employees for their customer service team.

Have a passion for graphic design, social media, copywriting, researching, or virtual assistant duties? Join a site like Upwork as a freelancer! A lot of the jobs are based off of short-term projects, but if you develop a relationship with your clients, it could turn into long-term work. I found a lot of help for my business on Upwork!

If working online is not your thing, no worries! You can also…

4. Detail cars
5. Babysit for friends or families found on care.com who may need a sitter at night
6. Walk the dogs in your neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods
7. Become a tutor for your town’s school district
8. Sell unwanted items on sites such as eBay, Amazon, or Craigslist
9. Mow lawns, shovel snow during storms, and do other light landscaping
10. Offer to help local businesses with their social media and advertising

Soooo… what did I do? Well, one thing my mother taught me was how to clean the heck out of a house! She wasn’t playing around and her house better be clean DAILY! Everything had a place – put it there! So, as an adult, I cleaned homes and offices to make money. Still a very profitable way to earn extra money without dishing out a lot of cash up front – never goes out of style! Grab a mop, a bucket and get busy!

What are your favorite ways to earn extra money? I’d love to hear how you get your hustle on!

– Dorethia

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  • Thomas

    Do you feel as though a consignment platform where you purchase inventory for brands that is purchase order backed is a good way to earn? I found a site where they are doing just that and it seems to good to be true. Does you have any experience with these types of platforms? The one I found is Kickfurther.

    • Hi Thomas, no, I do not have experience with this. But I also am not a fan of making extra money by spending money. It may be more for someone who is not necessarily in need of immediate extra money. Maybe someone who is just looking for another revenue stream as an option, more of a business type of thing. You’ve given me something to check out though.

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