Financial Coach Dorethia Kelly, is the founder of #MoneyChat and president of Conner Coaching, LLC providing results-oriented personal finance and business coaching services. Known for her no nonsense approach and charismatic personality, Dorethia is passionate about helping individuals successfully manage their money and business owners increase their bottom line. She speaks to youth and adults in areas of money management and business with #MoneyChatLIVE workshops and live events. In 2015 she published #MoneyChat THE BOOK – available on Amazon.com.

Dorethia is often called upon as an expert resource for various media outlets such as U.S. News, WXYZ Channel 7, and including being a recurrent featured financial expert in Black Enterprise print and online magazine.

Coaching services are available nationwide via Internet and telephone. Visit www.connercoaching.com to book your coaching session!

Interested in bringing a #MoneyChatLIVE! workshop or live event to your audience? Contact mclive@themoneychat.com

The #MoneyChat Blog

Yakezie-Blog-PicThis is where I, along with financial & business coaches, staff writers and interested readers, share our advice, tragedies and triumphs when it comes to personal finance and business ownership. To keep it even more interesting, there may be reviews of financial tech tools, books, magazines, etc. Pretty much anything newsworthy related to money and biz in a practical, #realtalk fashion!

The #MoneyChat Twitter ‘Talk’ Show

I decided to create a chat on Twitter that would create a forum for Dorethiapeople to share real talk, non-judgemental (for the most part lol) money and business tips. It has been a blast and we invite YOU to join the #MoneyChat community!

We’ve been going strong for over 3 years now and added a Facebook group#MoneyChat!’ you can join as well!

Every 1st & 3rd Monday night I (#MoneyChatLIVE) or my featured guest discuss the financial or business topic of the evening. That’s right, you can ‘tune in’ to the bi-weekly Twitter conversation #MoneyChat held from 8pm-9pm ET and add your two cents.

Since a conversation can’t be one sided – we invite the #MoneyChat fam to comment on the Q & A as well – sharing what has or hasn’t worked on their money or biz quest. Each month/week there’s a new topic or theme.

You can use the Twitter search feature (search.twitter.com) on your Twitter page:

1. www.search.twitter.com

2. Type in -> #MoneyChat (our hashtag)

3. Follow along – be sure to add ‘#MoneyChat’ to the end of your comments so we can all ‘see’ you!

4. Also follow the hashtag throughout the week as members of the community share money/biz articles, news, etc.

There are a couple of great websites like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck that make it easy to follow and add your input as well. Just look for the hashtag (#) + MoneyChat = #MoneyChat.

We look forward to ‘seeing’ you on the chat!

Interested in being a guest on #MoneyChat? We’d love to have you! Email guest@themoneychat.com and we’ll send you the guidelines.

Trivia: MC900434859

Q. Why all the different versions of #MoneyChat name for the hashtag, website & twitter handle?

A. Well…. As you know in the webverse… you can’t have it if someone else does!

Moneychat.com & MoneyChatLive.com were taken as web addresses (and not being used of course), but themoneychat.com was free.

@MoneyChat was also taken on Twitter… (again, not being used) so we have:

• Blog: www.themoneychat.com

• Twitter Handle: @MoneyChatLIVE (also the name of live events….. tee hee)

• Hashtag: #Moneychat – adding ‘LIVE’ takes away from the 140 characters that are desperately needed!

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