Affordable Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

My wedding anniversary is in November. We wanted to lay low, not go on a trip or do anything extravagant. To help us figure it out I asked for ideas in my #MoneyChat Facebook group.  There were so many great answers I thought I’d share them with you!

Here are some pretty cool and budget-friendly ways to celebrate your anniversary!

 Celebrate Your Anniversary Ideas

Keeping it Simple

Anthony: You can watch a good movie while sharing a big tub of popcorn and drinking your favorite soda pop!

Ann: You two can prepare breakfast together and then enjoy it in bed. Then, you can pack a picnic and go to a local museum. Come home and enjoy a fantastic evening with dinner, music, dancing, and relaxing.

Jamie: Happy Hour!  (enough said!)

LaKeisha: Go to a poetry slam, then get dinner and dessert. (Might be fun to come up with a poem for each other over dinner)

Monica: Go to an old-school arcade to play your favorite games as a kid! Also, go to an escape room, these are so much fun!

Howard: Go skating! (I agree, this would be a blast)

If You Want To Splurge

Want to go all out for your anniversary? When we got married a friend suggested that we go out of town each year for our anniversary. We haven’t been able to do that since we travel throughout the year, but I think it’s good advice! Here are a few other ideas: 

Marq: You can visit the Essex County wineries in Canada. Great trip to take for your anniversary! (This is definitely added to our list!)

Arian: Have a staycation. Go to a new restaurant. Check out a concert. Get a room in town, and get in-room massages. Choose a place with an indoor pool or sauna! 

How We Celebrated

Soo… what did we do? Well, the Mr. seems to be on a mission to make me cry with his thoughtfulness each year. (I held back the tears lol) He had made reservations at a restaurant we had been planning to go to for a while but never made it. He had arranged a table for us ahead of time complete with my favorite flowers (which he had to order – 3 flowers, one for each year of marriage… AWWWWW) and wine. He did a great job and we had a blast! We

went to the movies after… I can’t remember what we saw lol… but it was a good night!

I’ve talked to some couples who don’t celebrate because it has become just another day for them, others skip it when the money is tight. Always celebrate your anniversary, it is an important date. Always take time to recommit to each other regardless of what’s going on. I don’t care if all you do is walk in the park and reminisce on the day you met and share how much you love each other – DO SOMETHING.

What was one of your best anniversaries ever??

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