EBATES – Don’t Go (Holiday) Shopping Without IT!

So I signed up for Ebates over the summer and it has come in real handy! I’ve used it to get cash back for some of everything including hotels when I travel! With the holidays upon us, we know we are all going to do SOME shopping, so why not get cash back?ebates

I’ve earned a total of $53.00; it’s also great for times when you know you are going to be buying big ticket items for new furniture, electronics, etc. When I first heard about it, I really didn’t believe they would have the stores I shop at….. I was lying in bed, scrolling through the site to check it out… I literally sat straight up when I saw they had all my stores and then some. LOL

It’s really pretty cool… so you sign up, you can shop online or in store.

Shopping Online:
1. Click on Ebates.com
2. Search for your store
3. Click the link from there – shop!

*Now, if you just go online to the website directly, instead of through ebates.com, you won’t get the cash back. I was so excited I forgot about this initially and missed out on some moolah.

Shopping In-Store:
1. Link the credit/debit card(s) you shop with
2. When you go to the store, use those cards to buy and ebates will automatically add your cash back

What I do is check my mobile app for deals when I’m out shopping, wherever it is – you can search to see if that store has cash back. The ebates app also tells you which stores are having great cash back deals. For instance, a store may double their cash back from 3% to 6% for the day. #WINNING




Getting Paid
So, you all know that I like to keep it real, you aren’t going to make a mint unless you are doing some MAJOR big spending (that you can afford and doesn’t set you back lolol). But if you let the cash back build up over time, you can get some extra change. Why not earn money on shopping you had to do anyway? Every quarter, you are sent a check or a PayPal deposit with the amount that you’re due.

Plus, the service is free for you. The companies pay a commission to Ebates to put their deals up, and you get your cash-back bonus from that commission. It’s all automatic with no forms, no fees, and no weird point systems either. I also like the way they do their referral system. You can email, text, or post links to your friends and family and get $5 for everyone who signs up – like I did in this post. I also sent text messages to everyone letting them know about it when I first signed up. They make it really easy – again, no forms, etc.

Click below to get started getting paid to shop!


Have you used Ebates? How do you like it?

– Dorethia

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*Images courtesy of ebates.com and Dorethia Kelly

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