The Importance of Having a Dedicated Workspace at Home

workspaceBefore I started working from home, I had an idealized version of what that would look like.

I’d obviously start off my day with a good workout, a refreshing shower, and then a hot cup of coffee as I got settled in on the couch to start my workday. I had visions of taking regular breaks throughout the day to change the laundry, wash dishes, cook, and to take my dogs outside, and I was positive that I’d take my work mobile by working out of the local coffee shop and library on a regular basis.

But anyone who’s ever worked from home has likely found the same thing I did – that’s not exactly how it works for most people.

Instead of this ideal version of running your own business from home, most people end up taking less breaks and working more hours than they imagined. I know I did, and having a dedicated workspace ended up being way more important to me than I thought it would be.

Some freelancers and small business owners  who work from home are able to be productive and creative no matter their location, like Scott Alan Turner who successfully built a 7 figure/year business from his in-laws’ spare bedroom. The space wasn’t ideal for Turner as it was decorated in florals with antique furniture, but he was still able to succeed due to his passion for his business.

“My productivity and success come from my passion,” Turner says. “It doesn’t matter if I’m banging on a keyboard at the library, the couch, the front porch, on an airplane, or sitting at the dock at the lake with my At&T hotspot. The only benefit I get from a dedicated workspace is a place to put my big monitor and full-sized keyboard. Those two things increase my productivity – not my awesome Star Wars collection on the shelves.”

Personally, I learned that isn’t the case for me  after finding out first hand that having a dedicated and decorated workspace helped both my productivity and my creativity. And I’m not alone.

Creative Benefits of a Decorated Workspace

Carrie Smith the self-titled “girl boss” behind the award winning entrepreneurship blog, Careful Cents, found that having an organized and decorated space helped her grow her business.

Smith recently did an entire office makeover on a budget of only $76, and the benefit far outweighed the cost.

“I spent several months trying to figure out how to organize my home office so it would be a more productive workspace. I was so frustrated with the layout and how it stifled my creativity,” Smith said. “I finally decided to buy some new furniture and do an entire office makeover. Since doing that I’ve been able to get more done, focus on turning my blog into a brand, do more workshops, collaborate with other freelancers, and overall feel more creative. I actually WANT to go into the office now!”

Dedicated Workspaces Reduce Distractions

Having a dedicated workspace can also help reduce distractions, like social media.

Mark Greutman, who co-owns the award winning blog I am That Lady with his wife Lauren, said, “My standing desk has helped my productivity quite a bit. I’ve found that when I’m in a more active position (standing vs. sitting) I stay active with productive things and am less distracted by social media and personal email.”

The Financial Benefits of a Home Office

If you need further proof that having a dedicated workspace is important when you work from home, consider the financial benefits of having a home office. The IRS offers a tax deduction for those who use a portion of their home specifically for business purposes. Plus, having a home office is quite a bit cheaper than leasing an office or co-working space on a monthly basis.

Overall, most people who work from home tend to find that a dedicated workspace is key to running their businesses productively.

Todd Tresidder, an award winning financial coach at, summed it up best, saying, “My work space symbolizes productivity. Everything is dedicated and organized to one purpose, without distraction. When I enter the space I have only one purpose in mind, and no distraction. That single-minded focus is what produces results. If it wasn’t dedicated it wouldn’t work, and neither would I.”

This doesn’t mean that you won’t take a road trip to work at the library or coffee shop for a change of scenery, but having an organized, decorated office where you can shut off distractions is key to productivity.

Do you work from home and have a dedicated workspace or home office? Do you think the decoration and organization of your workspace influences your productivity and creative energy?

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