Kids & Money – Make Them Work For IT!!!


Who???? Your Kids!!! Stop GIVING them money….and please, please give them CHORES!!! Yes, chores those ancient tasks we had to do to justify taking up space in our mom’s house!

I am blown away at the number of our youth that do not have to do anything except stick their hands out! Just giving them money does not teach them any kind of work ethic, nor set an example for them to guide their own children one day!

Now, to teach them responsibility and money management there are chores they get paid to do and those they don’t…see big mama’s outline below:

Chores They Don’t Get Paid For:

Younger Children: Pick up their toys

Age 7/8: Dust, clean mirrors, clean their own room, clean the bathroom,picking weeds out of the garden

Ages 9/10: Add washing dishes, sweeping the floor, begin to teach them how to properly mop. By the age of 10/11 they can begin learning how to cut grass. Yes, I know, it won’t be those nice neat lines you like, but remember you are training and if you just can’t take it, let them do a small section. You can also introduce washing clothes. Even if you sort them yourself and just have them to switch the loads.

Jr./Sr. High: By the time they reach this age your little darlings should have long since had a regular schedule for house cleaning assignments and have consequences for not doing them well.
At this point your child should know how to thoroughly clean a house, even if he or she seems allergic to the notion, they have been taught!


Chores They DO Get Paid For:

    • Doing your household duties – cleaning your room, washing dishes on your day
    • Cleaning out the garage/basement/other extremely cluttered areas
    • Helping with major yardwork projects
    • Cleaning out closets/re-organizing cabinets
    • Other household projects that go above and beyond the call of duty
Are You a Softy or Taskmaster?

Softy: Oh no, my son/daughter will not wash the dishes (insert any task really) well, they’ll either be broken or still dirty…. I’d rather just do it myself and get it over with…

Taskmaster: You make him/or her do it over and over until they get it right!!!!

Softy: They are just children let them enjoy their childhood….

Taskmaster: Childhood is to be enjoyed, but it is also preparation for adulthood….what are you preparing your child for if they don’t acquire work habits in their youth? ….OHHHH pick me pick me….you are preparing them to live with you forever!!!

Now, here’s my BALANCE tidbit. It is important to have a reasonable schedule. Often we are taking our kids to this practice or that game on top of homework, etc. It is important to have a schedule for chores so you don’t do away with it altogether. Also, the chores should be fair, but firm and the expectation should be that they are done correctly or done over.

Also, for those of you who have housekeepers, still set aside some time for your children to wash dishes, do laundry, etc. It is important that they learn these skills.

I think it is important to teach our son’s and daughters the same household skills. Son’s learn how to cook, daughters learn how to cut grass. Son’s learn how to wash clothes, daughters take out the trash. The schedule rotates.

How do you manage the chores in your home?

(see next post: How to Pay Your Kids For Chores)

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