Office Renovation On A Budget: Part One

Office Renovation On A Budget- Part OneI posted a pic of my office on FB in all it’s brown, wood paneled glory and asked ‘to paint or not to paint’. Everyone, except the interior designer, said NO PAINT. So, I didn’t paint but am trying to make it fit my personality more, since right now all that wood panel makes me feel like I’m in a cigar room with a pipe in one hand and a glass of brandy in the other. LOL.

So, I’m remodeling to make it more feminine. Since I was encouraged not to paint, I thought I would go another route. I really wanted to keep this project as budget friendly as possible, and I’m happy to report that I succeeded!

I Added “Whiteboards”

The first thing I wanted was to put up whiteboards inside of the frames built into the walls already. This would break up the brown some and I could write down whatever I needed when I needed (I’m a SUPER list maker). When I measured inside the frames and started looking online to buy whiteboards, the prices were EXPENSIVE. So, I started Googling and as usual @Pinterest saved the day as I found many examples of people who made their own whiteboards with step-by-step instructions. #WINNING

So instead of whiteboards, I went to the hardware store and asked for marker boards! Each one was $12.95 each. I had them cut them to fit inside frames, and covered them in whiteboard film (You can get this on Amazon 2/$70). Some people will tell you that you can write on these marker boards themselves without covering. I found more negative reviews than positive with this approach and didn’t want to play around with it too much, so I opted to cover with the film.


I Accessorized My Boards

Once I finished creating my own whiteboards for the two side frames, I decided I wanted something different for the middle.  I covered the inside of the middle one with a peel and stick contact paper. (leftover from lining my kitchen cabinets). My friend told me about these awesome Kludd Glass Notice Boards from Ikea, I bought 2. Each one was $19.99 and they are amazing! Not only can I use whiteboard pens with these, but they are easy to clean and look modern and chic. Perfect for my office renovation on a budget vision! ! Anyhoo… I liked these from ikea because they were so affordable, often glass whiteboards are also very expensive.

*Note, I’m tardy to the party, but all glass is essentially a whiteboard, you can buy a picture frame and have an instant whiteboard on your walls.


I Added Drawer Knobs

In order to add a touch of girly to the corners of the whiteboard framing. I choose these cute flower detailed door knobs from Home Goods. My final touch was adding a gold panel from the old blinds I replaced for curtains to make the gold strips at the bottom. This hid the jagged edges that resulted from trying to line it up just right. Okay fellas – I know, too frilly, but you can add any kind of masculine looking knob!


In total, I only spent $130 for this entire project! If I had ordered the whiteboards that I had been eyeing, I would have easily spent over $300.


Office Renovation

So here is one wall, complete for the most part at a fraction of the cost, which I’m happy about!  I’ll keep you guys posted on how the rest goes, we’re almost there!!

Are you working on a home or office reno? How are you saving money on it?

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